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As a prospective client, we know that wading through the myriad of investment products is a daunting task.  Rest assured, we have always, and continually follow regimented due diligence, attempting to offer our clients the best possible investment products and services available.  And, as independent advisors, we are not guided, nor limited to the choices available. 


But, a product is only as good as the advice surrounding it, right?

 Please remember, the consultants' skills are as important as the products sold

Mark Stevens, principal of the firm, Mark Stevens Financial

LLC, has, since 1985 researched and developed strategies to help his clients through various life stage events. It is important that you know, our advisors can assist you through various financial life stages you will encounter; like asset protection from excess taxation, estate and probate taxes, or even nursing home or long term care costs.


So, as you look through the product selection, remember that the advice surrounding the recommendation helps create the financial independence you seek; the product is only part of the equation.


Finding the right product mix based on your needs, not what some corporation mandates.Mutual Funds –

Most people recognize that mutual funds offer a market of thousands of choices in stock, bond hybrid and money market investments. But, creating the choices to match your objectives is not so easy.  Our firm has access to a variety of tools for analyzing individual funds to help you meet you income, growth and capital appreciation needs.


 Annuities and Insurance –

Meeting long term financial goals, at some point, will require the need for products from the life insurance industry.  Since our firms representatives are also licensed as independent insurance agents, we can guide our clients through various insurance companies to help with a variety of needs, including retirement, estate planning, college planning and asset protection from Long Term Care and health costs or nursing home costs.

 Individualized as you are, the use of many different asset managers sets us apart.

Wealth Management and Investment Advisory –

Fee based advisory services, traditionally used by high net worth individuals, has grown increasingly popular to the general public, since many see the advantage of paying a fee based on assets under management, rather than commission or transaction based fee structures.  We pride ourselves in offering our clients a variety of platforms to choose from, providing competitive pricing  to suit various client needs.



Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck
Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck